Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shoppe Updated!

I am finally done with Easter! Meaning, sewing! I did pretty well with my sales on ebay, although didn't get the prices I would have a year ago. I decided to put the one in my shoppe and made up a couple other things for the month. I made this ornie from a Kindred Spirits pattern I have had for years...decided to make one up and here it is! I had this huge stash of old wool given
to me some years back and it came in soooo handy when it came to looking for colors to make this ornie.
The other two rabbits in my shop are made from wonderful Kentucky Primitive patterns. They are both on the small side and so cute in person. Wish I had more time to make some others up but time flies...and it will soon be time to make Americana....or start on my sewing for my big sale in the fall...the Christmas Goose.
Sunday we had a very nice day. After church we went to a play in Sacramento with three other couples. We saw "Sexy Laundry"! The reviews on it mentioned..for adults only so we are all thinking we are going to see something on the nude side or quite racy!! Funny since we had to go on a day other than our scheduled date each couple were sat in a different part of the theatre (which is in the round). Of course we are wondering who is going to get the best veiw, especially the men in the group since it is usually the woman that disrobes when it does happen. Well..none ot that but some suggestive language...but sooooo funny! I think it was one of the best we have seen. Afterwards we went to the Olive Garden..which was yummy, but Will didn't find it to agree with him. He swallowed something that he said was super hot and bothered him that night and the next day...so guess no more Olive Garden for him! LOL Anyway, it was a great day!
We are off to Montana for Easter. This will be a change in weather for us since it has been in the 70's and 80's here and they have been having snow!!! I am trying to figure out what to take that will still fit the season! Will write later to let you know how it all went. Hoping everyone has a Blessed Easter.

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