Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy Day!

I finally managed to get a couple more things listed on ebay today! The one I had listed previously but she didn't sell, so decided to take some other pics and relist. By the way, I too had a notice from ebay that they had looked at my listing and warned me about accepting payment other than had to make sure all the other info was taken out. At least they didn't pull mine like they did Linda's, but they are watching! Sort of makes a person upset to think you can't list your items with the kind of payment you want to accept, but guess they have their reasons. Guess if things don't seem to be moving on ebay, its time to start my Christmas items for the Christmas Goose. I always say I am not going to do it, then when the time gets closer I end up doing it! It is a two day show and alot of hard work but once it is over and you look back, it doesn't seem so bad.

Tonight I had dinner for Rhonda, Brian and their two daughters Ashlyn and Alexis. Funny, Lexi said she loves what grandma makes and couldn't wait to get here! Guess they were waiting outside for their mom to come home so they could come over! (of course they love the Siamese that lives here so always run out to get her)! Brian (our son in law) has cancer and has been in treatment. A friend made up this great book with all the cards and well wishes inside...done up in a scrapbook and was great go through. Alot of comments from the heart.

We purchased a new refrigerator but seems it won't go through the sliding door without taking a panel out so guess that will have to wait till Saturday when hubby is home. The guys were going to do it tonight after dinner but decided to put it on hold. Hopefully it will fit when we finally do get it in here!! We had our kitchen remodeled about 9 years ago and didn't take into account someday I might want a side by side! So had to get one to fit the space which wasn't easy! Will post how it all works out after it is in place (hopefully that is)!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I have managed to do a little sewing lately. I don't know what the problem is, other than things just seem to be so slow on the shops and ebay that a person just doesn't feel like making things that will just sit and look back at you! But...on that note...I have managed to make a few things and today I got my rabbit listed on ebay! YEAH!!

I have named her Abigail...and of course made from my favorite pattern maker...Veena's Mercantile! I am drawn to her patterns for some reason. I think one thing I like is, the item is small and on the prim side that I love. I do love the way she turned out.

Haven't posted since Valentine's day, which was nice but nothing eventful. Hubby and I went to Chico to do some refrigerator shopping..a few groceries then out to a wonderful restaurant for dinner. We did finally decide on a refrigerator we liked so on Monday we ordered it and will have it next week! Mine is sooooo ugleeeee!! I have wanted a new one for a long time, and now with my new countertops decided it is time. This one has the french doors on top with the ice/water in the door and the pull out freezer in the bottom. Then, hubby surprised me by setting a date for a lady to come out and measure my diningroom sliding door for wood verticals...that will be so nice. So, guess as you can see I can't complain! No jewelry but these things are better since I have tons of jewelry.

Tonight we have a concert to go to so that will be nice. Our weather has cleared up so won't have to walk in the rain! We have had a week of solid rain (which we desperately needed) but do hate when we go out and get drenched. Hopefully it is a good concert and a great evening. Other than that...nothing much going on here. Just hope to get my rear in gear and start some Christmas for the Goose and another bunny or two in the works.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

How time flies!!

Gosh...didn't realize it has been so long since I updated my blog! But of course, my daughter Deb reminded me I was far behind!

Last time I wrote we were working on our kitchen...that is all done now and so nice. Love the countertops! They are darker that the previous and make the wood look so much richer. Now need a new fridge! Ours is that almond color and just YUCK! So...maybe that should be on my Valentine list!! LOL I told my hubby I don't need jewelry (unless of course he just insists!!) and don't need candy..don't need clothes..nor plants so what will I ask for?? Perhaps he can surprise me!! Strange, but one thing I do want is one of those metal birdfeeders...the kind that have the various little things for the birds to sit on and eat. Just took a pic of the one I have along with one bird feasting!! I can't keep it filled...they sure love it!

While outside taking pics I noticed my iris are already in bloom! Of course here in California we have had mild weather so everything is just ready to burst open in bloom. I noticed the almond trees are blooming will be the peaches and then the prunes.

We had a great time last week. The big fundraiser for our son-in-law Brian and daugther Rhonda and girls was held. It was a great success. Then, to make it and extra special time for us, our daughter and her boys came out from Indiana, as well as daughter Deb and family came from Oregon. We not only all were at the fundraiser, but the next day celebrated Deb & Rhonda's birthdays! The visits were short but so nice to have them here!

I did manage to get a couple things made up for my WSOAPP shoppe. Seems early for Easter but guess that is coming before we know it!
One other thing...sort of have a bad feeling about the strange cats showing up in our yard. Seems the female Siamese that belongs to the neighbor but lives at our house most of the time is having some regular visitors...hmmmmmm!! Now you know what I am thinking! I always said I didn't want any animals...took this one under my wing and loved and fed it and now will probably have alot more to take care of!!! Hope not!! Plus...the "visitors" are not even pretty! Figures!! Will keep you all posted.....till next time!