Saturday, May 30, 2009

Has it really been that long!!!!

OMG...I can't believe it has been so long since I posted! Deb has been telling me to update....but never realized it was my birthday when I last put something on! Can I blame it on age???!!!

We just got back from a wonderful visit with to Oregon to see our daughter, Deb and family. Our grandson, Shane, will be leaving for the Air Force in a few weeks so wanted to see him before he goes off to bootcamp. Seems it wasn't that long ago when he was climbing into my kitchen drawers, putting rocks in the lawn mower, the kitten in with the rabbit, cookies in the fish bowl...and more! Now look at him..grown up and so handsome!!

This was taken at Silver Falls. We had a nice day, climbing up to the falls and just enjoying the nice weather. No rain and just right temps! Laresa and Seth came along too which was nice.

On Memorial Day Deb and Steve took us for a nice drive to the ocean and Shore Acres, which is a beautiful park where they were married. Once again the weather was so nice and clear. I do love the rain but it was nice to go for a drive with no rain or clouds.

Deb and I did some antique shopping on Tuesday. We had to take hubby along but he behaved pretty we put up with him for a few shops....then took him home and ventured on to a few more shops. We didn't find anything major but had a nice time. Deb did find some nice old blankets for her wonderful santas.

We left on Wednesday for California. It is a long trip, but broke it up with a trip to Costco before going over the taxes!!

We found our kittens had really grown and changed in the few days we were gone! They went from being in the corner with mommy cat to running all over. They are cute but tell me.....what am I going to do with them!!??? Not sure I can find homes for all three...although I think we may keep the siamese..not sure yet. I think it all depends on how much trouble they get into!!!

Deb gave me a wonderful planter for a hanging plant. Yesterday I found this beautiful hanging plant and love how it looks!! Now the hard part....keeping it looking this way with the heat...and the bugs from eating the flowers!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where does the time go!!

It is hard to believe I was posting about my birthday...and somehow it is after Mother's Day so figure I had better post a few things here! By the way, I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Started off going to church. Afterwards we, along with daughter and familly, went to our favorite restaurant..Original Petes!! I had their wonderful veggie die for! In the afternoon we went to our daughter and son-in-laws for dessert and several games of pinochle. The granddaughters play too so we played call for a!! Of course, I received gifts!! The kids all went together and gave me a basket full of goodies, lotions, candles, body sprays, etc. A gift card for a manicure and a gift card for a plant. Hubby gave me money and dinner can't complain!!! Oh...and can't forget the orchid corsage he bought me for church.
The girls also made Rhonda and I this huge drawing...Happy Mother's Day! So sweet!

Yesterday I had the girls after school so they took pictures of the busy hummingbirds!! We have one feeder in front and three in back, which I have to fill up approximately every other day! We had around a dozen flying around yesterday when this was taken. I buy sugar by the 25lbs!!

We also took some pictures of the kittens, which are growing so quickly! I am still trying to get my kids to take one!! If they only lived closer!!! I know I could get Deb to take one since she has such a soft heart for cats!! Of course, I am sure Linda would take one or two if she lived closer!

I also took some pictures of my clematis while it is so pretty....and the peony bush. Typically we get a high wind about this time of year and it manages to do a number on my clematis. Often the same happens with my peony, but so far so good this year! I still have half flats of impatiens, dianthus and begonias to plant so need to get out there before it gets too late. These seem to be the only plants those pesky slugs don't eat!!

I did manage to get this little pincushion finished up yesterday so put him in my shoppe. Now to get on with my Christmas for the Goose! Hard to get into the mood but have to do it now before my year is gone before I realize it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fun Day on field trip!!

Last night my granddaughter, Ashlyn, called me and asked if I could go on a field trip with her along with her dad. I couldn't turn her this morning I drug myself out of bed and prepared for a possibly day at the Buttes. As it turned out, it was a gorgous day and no rain! It rained yesterday and has been on the cool, wet side so everything was nice and green...and no dust! The place they went is on a ranch owned by one of the local farmers...a wonderful place for kids....along with an old town, ponds, hiking, etc!! A perfect place for kids to go for a fun day!

As you can see....Ashlyn was having a ball fishing!

This is a little cemetary which some thought wasn't real, but I think it was. It was behind a wrought iron fence and had old and new headstones...perfect little peaceful setting

This is inside the little church, complete with the pews. Also, a general store and a little old school house.

Below is the outside of the little school house, then a picture of the inside along with a couple young girls playing the parts in their long dresses, etc. I was very impressed with them as they were only fourth graders and did a great job!


One of the favorite parts of the day was the pond....and fishing. We went in groups, or stations which rotated every 35 minutes. Brian, Ashlyn's dad, was one if the leaders who helped with putting on the worms and taking the fish off the hooks, since the fish were thrown back into the lake after they were caught. The fish were plentiful so each child had a chance to get their share.

It ended up in being a great day! Of course I didn't get any sewing done so.....guess I am going to have to come up with something for my shoppe! But, some of the unplanned things turn out to be the best memories!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh we have three more!!!

Ok...what I suspected came true about a week ago! The siamese had three kittens...cute for now but not sure what we are going to do with them once they start running around....smashing down my flowers etc. you can tell...momma is quite happy with her little family! She purrs all the time and is very attentive to her little babies. Oh well...for now they are staying in one place, so will cross the next bridge when we get there!! I have offered them to my kids, but to date no takers!!

Well....yesterday was another birthday for me..UGH!! I did get a beautiful necklace from my husband! I saw this one and gave him a strong hint..and was happy when I opened the box and there it was!! I also got some really nice things from my kids...two Christopher & Banks gift ahead!! Also, jammies, diffusers, earrings, a money counting jar, cd, and a beautiful bracelet. I probably missed some things, but I did have a really nice day!
Rhonda makes wonderful cakes, as everyone in the family knows, but this time she bought me an ice cream cake and was it every yummy!! I took some home so after my weight watchers meeting on Wednesday..I plan to eat a nice slice!! YUM heard it, I re-joined Weight Watchers again!! I didn't think I would do it again and pay....but after 11 lbs I figure I need to support to get those nasty pounds off again. Hopefully I don't have to pay for long...wish me luck...I need it!!
I have been having computer problems...and not happy about it. I downloaded the Explorer 8 and have had nothing but fits with it. It slowed my computer down and apparently wasn't compatable with my Norton or whatever, so finally after error messages, etc I took it off. I do think things are working better now..but not real good! Will bought me a cordless mouse for my laptop yesterday, so when I get really frustrated I turn that one at least have a backup!
I need to get my shoppe updated this week...and at this point have nothing really made. I have been so bad lately with my sewing....I need some real motivation here! I was thinking tomorrow, but I think I have to go on a field trip with my granddaughter so maybe tomorrow night...will see. It is supposed to rain so may come home soaked!