Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fun Day on field trip!!

Last night my granddaughter, Ashlyn, called me and asked if I could go on a field trip with her along with her dad. I couldn't turn her down...so this morning I drug myself out of bed and prepared for a possibly rainy...cool day at the Buttes. As it turned out, it was a gorgous day and no rain! It rained yesterday and has been on the cool, wet side so everything was nice and green...and no dust! The place they went is on a ranch owned by one of the local farmers...a wonderful place for kids....along with an old town, ponds, hiking, etc!! A perfect place for kids to go for a fun day!

As you can see....Ashlyn was having a ball fishing!

This is a little cemetary which some thought wasn't real, but I think it was. It was behind a wrought iron fence and had old and new headstones...perfect little peaceful setting

This is inside the little church, complete with the pews. Also, a general store and a little old school house.

Below is the outside of the little school house, then a picture of the inside along with a couple young girls playing the parts in their long dresses, etc. I was very impressed with them as they were only fourth graders and did a great job!


One of the favorite parts of the day was the pond....and fishing. We went in groups, or stations which rotated every 35 minutes. Brian, Ashlyn's dad, was one if the leaders who helped with putting on the worms and taking the fish off the hooks, since the fish were thrown back into the lake after they were caught. The fish were plentiful so each child had a chance to get their share.

It ended up in being a great day! Of course I didn't get any sewing done so.....guess I am going to have to come up with something for my shoppe! But, some of the unplanned things turn out to be the best memories!

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