Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh we have three more!!!

Ok...what I suspected came true about a week ago! The siamese had three kittens...cute for now but not sure what we are going to do with them once they start running around....smashing down my flowers etc. you can tell...momma is quite happy with her little family! She purrs all the time and is very attentive to her little babies. Oh well...for now they are staying in one place, so will cross the next bridge when we get there!! I have offered them to my kids, but to date no takers!!

Well....yesterday was another birthday for me..UGH!! I did get a beautiful necklace from my husband! I saw this one and gave him a strong hint..and was happy when I opened the box and there it was!! I also got some really nice things from my kids...two Christopher & Banks gift ahead!! Also, jammies, diffusers, earrings, a money counting jar, cd, and a beautiful bracelet. I probably missed some things, but I did have a really nice day!
Rhonda makes wonderful cakes, as everyone in the family knows, but this time she bought me an ice cream cake and was it every yummy!! I took some home so after my weight watchers meeting on Wednesday..I plan to eat a nice slice!! YUM heard it, I re-joined Weight Watchers again!! I didn't think I would do it again and pay....but after 11 lbs I figure I need to support to get those nasty pounds off again. Hopefully I don't have to pay for long...wish me luck...I need it!!
I have been having computer problems...and not happy about it. I downloaded the Explorer 8 and have had nothing but fits with it. It slowed my computer down and apparently wasn't compatable with my Norton or whatever, so finally after error messages, etc I took it off. I do think things are working better now..but not real good! Will bought me a cordless mouse for my laptop yesterday, so when I get really frustrated I turn that one at least have a backup!
I need to get my shoppe updated this week...and at this point have nothing really made. I have been so bad lately with my sewing....I need some real motivation here! I was thinking tomorrow, but I think I have to go on a field trip with my granddaughter so maybe tomorrow night...will see. It is supposed to rain so may come home soaked!

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