Monday, March 30, 2009

As you can see..Spring is here!!

As you can see from this beautiful weeping cherry is spring here in northern California! It was given to us when my mom passed away and is a wonderful memory of her every year it blooms! For those who live in the areas of the country still snowed in....we have leaves on our trees already!

I did manage to get another rabbit listed this week on ebay. I sold one today but not for nearly what I got last year. With the economy in the tank...I just feel lucky if I manage to sell my dolls at all! This one has no bids yet but there are a couple days left so will see!! She may end up in my shop for the next week! Not sure where I will go from here. Can't seem to come up with any ideas on what to make next. I have named this one April, probably the last one I make for the season.

A follow up on our son-in-law Brian. He is now home from his third round of treatments. He has a week at home, then back for his fourth and last round. Each round seems to be harder on him so we pray he can get through this last one with at least the five he has been able to take. So...prayers are still needed.

Yesterday my daughter, Rhonda, and I went Easter shopping. We had a nice day at the mall, had a light lunch then shopped some more. I found some great things at my favorite store...Christopher & Banks. Of course two were in my favorite! Now I have to wonder, can you wear black for Easter!! I see it out there but for some reason always seems like a winter color. We will be in Montana for Easter so maybe black would be appropriate since they are having a winter snow storm tonight and more expected through the week! It was in the 80's here yesterday so hard to imagine!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Round!

This picture has been posted before, but it just seems so appropriate for what our son-in-law is going through. He is now on his third round of treatment for Kidney cancer. The "thumbs up" just seem to go along with his upbeat sense of humor and attitude. He is not feeling too well tonight, but has had his third treatment of the week so it all goes with the series of injections. He is so many different reactions after receiving the injection, but puts up a fight till he just can't take anymore. His treatments so far have proved to be on a very good plus our prayers are he will be healed soon from this dreadful disease. Prayers still very much appreciated! (funny, in this picture he is sitting at my computer amongst my mess and doll bodies..but the pic is worth a thousand words)!

I was so excited to see my Redbud tree finally in bloom! We had a huge weeping birch tree in that location, which we planted when we built our home 34 years ago and I LOVED that tree!! I couldn't imagine my back yard without it...and all the shade it provided. I fought my hubby for several years as he wanted it removed due to rot in the center. It was a clump birch and it began rotting in the base. But, one day I was watching the granddaughters playing in the back yard and thought..wouldn't be awful if a big trunk suddenly just fell on one of them! So...after thinking it over I conceded. We immediately purchased this Redbud tree and now I really like it..and our yard seems to do so much better with more light. Not sure what that round circle is in my picture!! LOL...but my hubby sat the birdbath on the old stump...laughed at that but sort of neat!! Now I have to get out there and clean up all the old debris from last year and get started on planting for the summer.

I finally sold my last rabbit so thought...maybe I will try one finished this one up today and got it listed tonight. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked a couple hours later and I had a bid already! I was sure no one would want her..she is quite prim! I do like the angel part of her though. I have lowered my prices alot lately but they seem to be slowly selling so something is better than nothing! I may do a couple more things and then need to get on my supply for the Christmas Goose, a huge two sale in the fall held here locally. I usually try to get around 300 items made so need to get on it early. Then, need to come up with something for my shop....haven't a clue what at this point!

Will return with the latest on Brian...hopefully he can tolerate a few more rounds before he comes home. He has a week off then back for his final series.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Spring!

Not a very big plant, but as you can see...spring has sprung and the flowers are starting to appear! My primroses and iris are blooming. My roses are full of buds and my tulips will soon be opening up! We planted around 50 bulbs this year and some will be in bloom soon! My weeping cherry (or whatever it girls will know) is full of is my Redbud. Can't wait to take pics of them when they are open..oh yes the lilac will be open soon also. My one forsytha is also very pretty this year. Last year my dh decided to prune early...well you know what flowers!! I try to tell him some plants you don't prune before they bloom...but you know you can't tell a man a thing!! Oh well..there is always next year!! LOL

Yesterday I decided to re-do my rabbit a bit since it hasn't sold with two listings on ebay!! I decided to add some flowers and a basket..then made some clay will see. I did sell another one today so things are moving...though slowly! And, of course not getting the $$ for the same things a year ago. Of course, with this lousy economy I just feel lucky to get bids or a sale on my shoppe. If Abigail doesn't find a new home this time..guess she will have to live here with all the other ones that haven't sold!! LOL
Tomorrow is my dental appointment in Roseville so will see if I can find some "fun" things to do afterwards. There is a craft place called the Wishing Well I may check out. Was thinking maybe they might have some of the tiny bears, etc for my santa bags. Will let you all know what or if I find something!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Great News!!

First of all....for any of you that have followed the story about Brian (our son in law) on Deb's blog (Dollgiver's Attic) and Linda's blog (Simpletresures) and his cancer journey...we received great news today!! He has been in an aggressive treatment for advanced Kidney Cancer. We found out today his tumors have shrunk by its working! He will go back for another round of treatments in a week or so, but now we all know it is working and from now on have a very positive outlook for him. The prayers have all of you please keep praying!

This picture is of Brian and Rhonda in December, when we had a great family reunion. All of our kids came from Oregon and Indiana, then we went to a neat little town and spent a couple days together...had a great time!

Amongst all the excitement from the great news....I did manage to get a couple things listed on ebay!! YEAH! Now for the sales..??? This bunny is one of the ones I listed...he is small and love the way he turned. everyone else...have to wait for the bids! This has been a hard time for sales...not many people bidding and Easter will be here in a few weeks. I am sure everyone is feeling the financial pinch and many looking but not many buying. Regardless, have to keep plugging along and see how it all plays out.
As far as Easter being on the way....not hard to believe by the weather we are having. It has been in the 70's so far this week and many of our fruit trees, plants etc are blooming. The birds are also quite busy! I have two bird feeders and have to fill them every other to watch! I will try to get a few pictures for my next show some of the plants in bloom.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time Flies!!

First off...wishing my son James a Happy Birthday today! Like I said, how time flies! It seems it wasn't that long ago when he was he is living in Indiana and only get to see him and his family once or twice a year. Thank goodness for the internet though as we do keep in much closer contact through e-mails and the messenger! Would hate to think of life without it!!

The last time I posted we, or maybe I should say I, was wondering how we were going to get my new fridge into the house.....and hoping it would fit in the opening. Well...if fit! I LOVE it! It is so much nicer than that old almond colored one we had and also love the french doors, bottom freezer and water and ice dispenser!

I have been busy (to some degree) on a few sewing projects. I didn't sell this rabbit with the carrots so.....added a youngin to her and named him Briar and listed today on ebay. I do like them in person but just seems like sales are so bad right now. I went down in my prices to see if that makes a difference, but who knows! I am sure I am not alone in this department.
We have had tons of rain the last couple weeks. Just got a call from Will that there is a warning of hail and thunder and lightning in the county north of us so am watching the sky to see if it gets dark here. If so...this computer is going off!! Don't want to take a chance in messing it up due to a power outage. Yesterday I got up to a hail storm and loud crack and the power went off for around an hour. We need the rain though since California is in a drought so they say. The water levels have gone up in reservors though, and if storms keep coming our way, maybe we can make up. So...on that note, I think I will end this and keep an eye out for changing conditions!!