Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Spring!

Not a very big plant, but as you can see...spring has sprung and the flowers are starting to appear! My primroses and iris are blooming. My roses are full of buds and my tulips will soon be opening up! We planted around 50 bulbs this year and some will be in bloom soon! My weeping cherry (or whatever it girls will know) is full of is my Redbud. Can't wait to take pics of them when they are open..oh yes the lilac will be open soon also. My one forsytha is also very pretty this year. Last year my dh decided to prune early...well you know what flowers!! I try to tell him some plants you don't prune before they bloom...but you know you can't tell a man a thing!! Oh well..there is always next year!! LOL

Yesterday I decided to re-do my rabbit a bit since it hasn't sold with two listings on ebay!! I decided to add some flowers and a basket..then made some clay will see. I did sell another one today so things are moving...though slowly! And, of course not getting the $$ for the same things a year ago. Of course, with this lousy economy I just feel lucky to get bids or a sale on my shoppe. If Abigail doesn't find a new home this time..guess she will have to live here with all the other ones that haven't sold!! LOL
Tomorrow is my dental appointment in Roseville so will see if I can find some "fun" things to do afterwards. There is a craft place called the Wishing Well I may check out. Was thinking maybe they might have some of the tiny bears, etc for my santa bags. Will let you all know what or if I find something!

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