Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy Day!

I finally managed to get a couple more things listed on ebay today! The one I had listed previously but she didn't sell, so decided to take some other pics and relist. By the way, I too had a notice from ebay that they had looked at my listing and warned me about accepting payment other than had to make sure all the other info was taken out. At least they didn't pull mine like they did Linda's, but they are watching! Sort of makes a person upset to think you can't list your items with the kind of payment you want to accept, but guess they have their reasons. Guess if things don't seem to be moving on ebay, its time to start my Christmas items for the Christmas Goose. I always say I am not going to do it, then when the time gets closer I end up doing it! It is a two day show and alot of hard work but once it is over and you look back, it doesn't seem so bad.

Tonight I had dinner for Rhonda, Brian and their two daughters Ashlyn and Alexis. Funny, Lexi said she loves what grandma makes and couldn't wait to get here! Guess they were waiting outside for their mom to come home so they could come over! (of course they love the Siamese that lives here so always run out to get her)! Brian (our son in law) has cancer and has been in treatment. A friend made up this great book with all the cards and well wishes inside...done up in a scrapbook and was great go through. Alot of comments from the heart.

We purchased a new refrigerator but seems it won't go through the sliding door without taking a panel out so guess that will have to wait till Saturday when hubby is home. The guys were going to do it tonight after dinner but decided to put it on hold. Hopefully it will fit when we finally do get it in here!! We had our kitchen remodeled about 9 years ago and didn't take into account someday I might want a side by side! So had to get one to fit the space which wasn't easy! Will post how it all works out after it is in place (hopefully that is)!!

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