Sunday, November 23, 2008

What a Day It Was!!!

Well...I am home now but so tired today! Yesterday began with me getting up early at 5:30 a.m. to get to the airport by 7:15...then to fly out at 8:00...(so I thought)! It was foggy on the way to the airport and Deb and I discussed that it was foggy but usually the flights were not cancelled. all checked in, went through security then waited and plane! Kept getting announcements that they were flying above waiting to land. Finally they announced that the plane went back to Medford to refuel. So...then it was announced the flight was cancelled. I go upstairs and TRY to get rescheduled. My...that took 45 minutes to finally rebook for a later flight. FINALLY the fog cleared and I was on the plane at 11:30 a.m. on my way to San Francisco. After arriving there I had a 4 hour wait! I was carrying a bag I borrowed from Deb loaded with an wonderful red wool blanket I found in a thrift store along with pieces of fabric I found at couldn't even wander in the shops or find anything to eat as I would have to walk too far! That is when you miss your hubby to carry the extra loads! LOL So, I proceed to a little magazine shop and bought a small bag of nuts and sunflower seeds for a whopping $4.50 then drug my bag and butt over to a corner seat thinking maybe I could just sit there alone and watch people and eat my nuts since I hadn't eaten a thing that day...well..guess what...I sit right next to the plug in for people to plug in their I had a man sit right next to me and run his cord under my seat much for sitting alone! He was nice though. He said he was missing his daughter's 16th birthday and that he lived in Mt Shasta and was flying to Medford....etc. He even had me watch his laptop and bags while he went to the bathroom...(so much for that airline security where you don't leave your bags with anyone you don't know)!! LOL Finally made my 45 min connection to Chico. Hubby picked me up...we went to eat....made a quick stop to see the granddaughters and daughter..then home by 8:30 p.m.! What would have been a 7-8 hr drive was a long 10 hour day at airports! Had a great visit with Deb though so all in all was worth it!

Today we went to church, ATE!! of course, went to Costco and home by you can see I got nothing done today either! Have to get busy and make a set of simple pilgrims tomorrow then hopefully start a santa or two for ebay.

Life can truly get very interesting...taking the most unexpected turns! But all in all, things do work out in the end....blessings till next time!


Sharon Stevens said...

Hi Shirley..remember me? So glad you got a blog. I'll add you to mine too.
Sounds like you and Deb had a great time! Airports and airlines can be such a drag. I fly to Phoenix frequently to see my kids and grandkids and it's only a 1 hour flight, thank goodness.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

wow.. don'tcha just hate long days like that...what a drag..but glad to hear you made it home safe and sound...have a wonderful thanksgiving...:>)