Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What a day!

Well..as you can see by the picture, which isn't very clear, both siamese appeared this morning. I took the shot through the sliding glass door since I was in a hurry...cute!
My day started off with me going to grandparents day with my granddaughter, which was fun to do. I had to take an order for a set of pilgrims to a shop in a local town so as soon as I left the school I headed home. On the way home there was an accident so was directed around it, then on the way to town another bunch of flashing lights...a house on fire! Once again, had to be directed around the fire trucks on the highway! I delivered my items, did a little shopping then decided to call my dh to see if he wanted to meet me at Sam to put gas in the Acura (since I NEVER put gas in my vehicle) which he said he would...then of course he asked where I wanted to eat!! That was fine...then he asks if we should switch vehicles as I had another stop to make...so I get in the Jeep and take off. I hear someone honking but didn't see anything so made my way out of the parking lot and soon after see a cop behind me. I stop at the stop light...turn onto the highway and he goes right behind me. I turn onto another highway and he does too! Now I figure I am not doing anything wrong so not to worry! Soon his lights come on and I pull over. He says....you have no brake lights at all...so gives me a fix it ticket..which isn't so bad but then dh calls me while the guy is checking my drivers license, etc giving me heck because I didn't stop when he honked at me in the parking light!! The cop says I can go on my way as long as I use my flashing lights or whatever the heck they are, and didn't even know where to find the thing to turn it on! I tell my dh that I am just pulling into the nearby parking lot and he can come and meet me! So...off to the parts place we go to buy new bulbs...and finally I arrive home at 8:30 tonight! I told him he is lucky I was driving it or he would have gotten the ticket either tonight or in the morning when he took off for work! So....turned into an eventful day! Till next time!!

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

these babys are precious...I want them...! glad they have you to visit with...:)