Friday, January 23, 2009


Today was installation day for my new countertops! Guess I should have taken pics of my old ones....they were Swanstone and more of an oatmeal color. We had them about 10 years but have always been disappointed with them due to seams showing, etc. So...when hubby went back to work I said....I want new counterops! This is a solid surface LG product in blacks/dark gray with beige and white flecks. The sink is an off white molded in. Not sure they will be as durable as the old as far as heat resistant but for the looks...much happier! I will just have to get used to using a cutting board more often...and also for putting hot things on. Now the big job of cleaning out the drawers and putting everything back!

Did manage to get my Bennie bear on my shoppe this week. Just slow in creating right now with all that is going on in our lives. If any of you have followed Dollgiver's Attic and Linda "Simple Tresures" you have heard them mention prayers for Brian. He is our son-in-law and has been in treatment in San Francisco for kidney cancer that has spread into his lungs. He is only 41 and has 2 young daughters. He has just underwent his second round of treatments so are hoping and praying for a positive result when he is retested.

Above is a picture of Brian and his youngest daughter, Ashlyn. To anyone who may read this...please keep Brian in your prayers for a full recovery. Thanks so much...till next time!

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