Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The last time I posted our son-in-law, Brian, was going through another round of cancer treatment. He has since completed another round and now gets a rest for 6 weeks or so before he is tested again. This one was hard on him so he needs the time to recover. Prayers are always very much appreciated.

After 30 some years with the same garage door....we finally purchased a new one. It is soooo nice...and quiet. It probably doesn't seem like a big deal but to me it is! Since the old one has had the spring break on several occasions, and who knows where that could fly!!! I just didn't feel safe with it any longer.

Hubby just got a new (used) toy! He has been wanting a newer pickup to haul around his antique tractor(s)! He came upon this one which is 10 years old but only has 38,000 miles on it and is just like new inside. I have had to drive it a couple times and not bad! The only thing I don't care for is the long bed plus the extended cab. is what he wanted and does look much better than the old 1964 pickup we have had in the driveway for YEARS!! Now...he has to get rid of that one. We have had it so long it is like part of the family....but there are only two of us and we own 5 vehicles!!! to find someone who wants an old truck!!

My two daughters are coming this weekend and my house is a fright!!! I will be spending tomorrow doing all the stuff I let go...and as it is it will be just the surface. Oh well...its just my girls...they will understand....right??? LOL I did manage to update my shop with a couple halloween dolls. It seems early for fall/halloween but I see alot out there so guess that is what people are listing. The girls and I have a house rented for a couple of days for a "girls getaway"!! I think with all that has gone on in our will be a great time to just get our minds off things. I also dug out TONS of old pictures last night and hopefully we have a chance to go through some of them. I want to give some to the kids so they can enjoy them. As it is....they just sit in a box in the corner of my closet. So...if all goes well...maybe we can have some fun going through them. Should have some good pictures of our getaway...and hopefully won't be so long before I post next time!!!

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