Monday, July 20, 2009

Girl Trip!

Just finished up a great "girl" trip with my three girls. We had a 3 bedroom two bath house. We did have a few issues with a few things when we arrived but it ended up working out great. Due to some miscommunication, the cleaning from the previous renters had not been done....but with 4 of us working together we had it cleaned up in no time and opened our first bottles of wine!! Jo got on the phone right away and was told we will get a return on our cleaning deposit since we had to do the all was good with that little glich. I forgot to mention though....we got lost on the way so went a "few" miles out of our way. Poor Deb was quite stressed by the time we got she isn't used to our 100+ weather so that wasn't good. Sorry you had to do all the driving you forgive us???

We did manage to get a picure of the four of us before we took off shopping! We found some neat shops but some were closed...figures!! Another thing that was hard on Deb....we stopped at a Harley Davidson store. Jo found what she wanted for her hubby...then as we were leaving the store Deb gets a call from her son Shane, who is in boot camp in the Air Force. Now he can't call back and she can't call him...and she hits the end button on her phone and missed his call. I felt so bad for her...but she managed to get over it as best she could and we went on with our shopping and had a nice day.
We were pretty packed on the way up...with a box between us in the back seat and the back stuffed.....but for some reason we had less room returning home! I think Deb and Jo are contemplating how they will get everything in! Of course...Rhonda found a beautiful mirror which had to about 5' long..which had to go between us in the back seat! We made it though, just part of shopping...right!! Needless to say...Deb says if we do another trip she is NOT going to be the driver! Guess I can't blame her!
On the way home we stopped at the Outlets in Folsom and bought some more things! We ate at a sandwich shop then arrived home that evening. The next day we all celebrated Lexi's birthday early by going to pizza then to Rhonda & Brians for cake. The next morning Deb took off for "cool" Oregon and Jo headed to Sacramento for her class reunion, then flew home on Sunday. We crammed alot in the days we had together...and had a great time together. We didn't discuss our next trip...if there is one???? What do you say girls??

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