Saturday, August 8, 2009

Indiana Trip!!

We left for Indiana two weeks ago tomorrow. We have had a great time! This is a picture take off the deck of Jo and Chris's beautiful home.

This is a picture of the table which belonged to my grandparents. It is probably 60 plus years old. JoAnn and Chris refinished it, and is amazing how nice it looks. Chris built this gazebo for it. He will eventually put a roof of some kind over it...but certainly a nice setting for it. It is so nice to see it taken care of...and my grandparents would be so pleased to see it so well loved!

This is a picture taken of our long time friends, George and Pat Doering at Buckheads restaurant. They were in Nashville so Jo and Chris said they were more than welcome to come up and visit us all in Indiana....which they did! We had a great time at Hubers Winery and then on to Buckheads for dinner. This beautiful restaurant overlooks the Ohio River (seen in the background) We had a great time with them. Will and I before dinner.

Tomorrow morning we will head home. Originally we were going to fly home....but we bought new CRV so will be driving. It had 19 miles on it when we bought it. Guess we will know how much we like it soon!

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