Friday, December 19, 2008

Running out of Time!!!

Not much time left and so much to do! I just put this little set of ornies on my shop tonight. I had started them while visiting my daughter in Oregon...brought them home and they have been laying finished them up. A bit late but but thought..what the heck! I sold my last santa on ebay today so am happy about that! Now it is just wrapping the pile of gifts I have in my bedroom! I HATE that job and always think...where are my girls when I need them! But....I look around all I see is you know what that means! At least I got out my Christmas cards today. That is always a last minute thing for me too.
Tomorrow hubby and I will do some fun shopping along with some things he needs to do. I want him to take me to the Antique is huge and love going there. I am hoping to find some small things for my santa's bags next year. If I come across a great find I will let you know! is near midnight and I am I think it is off to bed for me until next time!

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